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ALESSI Venusia Trama Necklace
ALESSI Venusia Trama Necklace

ALESSI Venusia Trama Necklace

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Adjustable necklace composed of a 36 cm chain and a pendant with smooth and granulated geometries. Snap-hook clasp. PVD finish, made entirely of nickel-free steel. 35 x 11cm.

In conceiving the Venusia collection, Elena Salmistraro creates an imaginary world in which the contrast of textures, colours and geometries is enhanced by precious Italian workmanship. It is as if the designer were using the jewel for its very essence, a play in constant balance between the sacred and the profane. The designer develops her research by following five “expressive strands” with evocative names – Acta, Fresia, Edone, Trama and Lorica – within which she explores different metal processes: from Etruscan granulation to deep-drawing, from laser cutting to calendering.